Howard Cogan's voice can be heard branding television shows, radio stations, subs, mortgages and more

You're The Worst... Cogan Hired As VO For new FX Show

When is it not a walk of shame? You're The Worst premieres Thurs, 7/17 on FX.

Famed Director HiJacks HOCO Studios

Director Mick Jackson at HOCO studios April 1 2014

Director Mick Jackson at HOCO studios April 1 2014

As any radio or TV producer will tell you, finding the right contributor for your program is often the easiest part of their job.  Arranging the logistics can be the biggest challenge – especially when your contributor lives in another part of the world.

Independent radio producer Mark Burrows was able to secure an interview with film director Mick Jackson who lives in Los Angeles for a forthcoming BBC Radio Sheffield documentary.  Traditionally this would involve sourcing and booking an ISDN equipped studio and engineer – and all associated costs.

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Jack FM Flashback Prom Promo Terrorizes Audience

Mike Crank producer at Jack FM LA came up with a mock Carrie trailer to promote Jack FM's Flashback Prom. Flashback Lunch host Richard Blade plays the role of Carrie. The Prom will feature a live performance from the Flock of Seagulls and will take place May 9th at the Sportsmen's Lodge. Sissy Spacek was unavailable for comment. 

Listen to promo here

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