The Bullet Points

  • Branding that gives personality to the entire station. Your station will have its own point of view. Your listeners may forget their anniversary but they won’t forget your station


  • HOCO Productions (owned by Howard Cogan) can supply writing production and voice ONE stop shop that will guide your station to victory making your owner even richer

The Financial Aid

oops we are in debt our ratings suck and we have no cash!

barter with Benztown


Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial.

Frank Dane

The Evidence

mmm The Menu

  1. VOICE ONLY - you write produce Howard Cogan reads  and complains about the copy
  2. VOICE AND WRITING - we create it and read it you produce it, we complain about the production.
  3. THE WHOLE ENCHELADA - mmm enchiladas! written voiced and produced with zero complaining

The Format? What Format?

We don't really care, we'll do any format

Now What?

Contact Howard Cogan at